No microplastics in surface water

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Football, hockey or tennis - artificial turf pitches are found in many sports facilities. The problem there is that the small, one to three millimetre granulate balls as well as plastic turf debris end up in the surface water and thus pollute the environment.

The ACO SPORT® filtration system has been developed for the treatment of polluted water from precipitation or ­sprinkler systems. Here, the focus is on the combination of different treatment techniques. Since many impurities are present in particle-bound form, the water is first fed to the lower section of the filter. The sedimentation and distribution unit (patent pending) distributes the inflowing water ideally under the filter bed. Coarser impurities sediment and impurities already sepa­rated are protected from remobilisation. The fine and finest impurities still in the water, such as microplastics, are safely retained in the filter.

The filtration system is characterized by its compact and space-saving design. With only a small shaft diameter, it is suitable for large connection areas and does not require any external piping. Another decisive advantage is its scalability. The shaft structure and installation parts are designed in such a way that they can be configured almost infinitely.

ACO inotec no microplastic

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